Project Description


In my jewellery I bring together my commitment to using found and discarded materials – particularly silver-plated copper and EPNS; and my love of riveting and fold-forming metal work.

I create pieces called “found” jewellery from interesting sections of silver-plated EPNS trays and spoons I cut up to create my hammered vessels and assemblages.

Fold-forming techniques are used in making bracelets and leaf-form earrings and pendants.

I also make simple multi-plate riveted and ‘swing’ earrings and pendants from offcuts from silver-plated trays.

Peace Book pendants (4 layers of metal) and triple plate Peace pendants are made as inspirational jewellery – inspirational words are stamped into one of the pages of the pendants.

Watch parts and bodies find their way into earrings and pendants.

My “as if holding water” series of earrings and pendants features forms that can hold coldest resin.