Project Description

Hammered Vessels

In the main my hammered metal vessels take three different forms: pods; starburst forms; and simple open bowls.

My open bowls can be found in my Reflection and Meditation work where they are used as offering bowls or in Daily Word sets. Larger open bowls can also be functional as in holding objects or produce.

My starburst vessel form is created using both raising and sinking techniques. The special hammer marks and texture is created by hammering the vessel on different stakes and in different directions. I use the starburst technique for art vessels including fungi forms.

My pod vessels have a more closed form like a nut, seed pod or egg . They are the result of many cycles of annealing and hammering. I think of them having a connection with the Japanese tradition of raising bowls and pots; but also influenced by nature and natural shapes. My Pod vessels are usually small – they fit beautifully in the palm of one’s hand.

Generally my vessels are made from recycled metal including silver-plated copper and EPNS. They do not have a formed or soldered bases. If they need to stand level I tend to provide a separate recycled object to act as a stand. Whilst single vessels look good; I think groups of odd numbers look even better.