My blog is where I tend to share more details of my art life and art journey. It is where you can find what I have been working on, including some of the trials, prototypes and processes. It is also where I share my iPhone photographs of nature on our block, of our valley and my morning walks.  Occasionally I also share photos and ramblings of things that inspire me.

  • Blossoms, birds and droplets July 1, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - Rich healing yellow of wattleI was going to open the post with the following photo; but it seemed to be too malevolent - an evil crocodile eye??? So I thought the gorgeous sunshine colour of the wattle might be more uplifting.©2020 Barry Smith - A droplet on a frangipani brach reflecting […]
  • Unintended progression June 28, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - May we all be ok in these trying times.It was a rainy day today so the opportunity to 'fix' the patina on the leaves and do the final grind was not too be had.On Saturday I decided to print a R U OK? card - quite a few people are not […]
  • Patina, pickle and production June 26, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - Patinated 19cm long copper leavesI'm making a stash of patinated copper leaves for the DEP galley-shop.  It has been quite some time since I have made copper fold formed leaves. I'm making some that measure about 12-13cm in length; and another batch about 19cm in length.Warning process photos follow.©2020 Barry Smith  - […]
  • Wednesday fragments June 24, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - Valley light through insect screenIt was too cold and windy for a walk this morning so photo are of the light in the valley; and some of Graham's micro orchids etc.Photos of the gorgeous winter dawn light - the very clear cold air seems to produce the blue and pink layers […]
  • Out of darkness and other bits June 21, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - Shine, hope and peace emerge from the darknessI committed to making seven sets of business card sized inspirational word cards. Whilst I did this as you will see from the photos following, I did get side tracked by the gorgeous purple and the gold dusting powder. I decided to try the […]
  • Odd source of inspiration June 19, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - Wonder with gold dustCreative inspiration can come from the oddest directions. When we were moving the letterpress studio Fiona and I found a sheet of 100 sticky backed magnets that we must have bought with something in mind though we could not remember what. I suggested fridge magnets; but again what?©2020 […]
  • Phone fragments June 17, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - Bee on lavenderThere was no time for walking this morning - Fiona took her dad to an early morning appointment and I was off to an early morning meeting. Still the iPhone held a few images caught over the last few days including the bee on a lavender stalk yesterday.The valley […]
  • A positive weekend - open studio and completion of a project June 14, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - A River of Stars on display (21 starburst bowls forms)It is hard to believe that our DEP open stdio event has been and gone. Saturday was a great day - the weather stayed fine and we had a good crowd of people through the studio. Strangely we have no photos of […]
  • Just in time June 12, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - Riveted silver-plated earringsA few more pairs of silver-plated earrings for the DEP gallery-shop - just in time for the Open Studio Event (10am-4pm Saturday 13 June).The grinding and polishing was done in the mist as you can see from the photos below.©2020 Barry Smith©2020 Barry Smith - On the grinding wheel©2020 […]
  • Wet and misty June 10, 2020
    ©2020 Barry Smith - Almost the last of the peace roses on the block with dropletsThere was no walk this morning - there were rain showers most of the night and they continued this morning.©2020 Barry Smith - Misty morning©2020 Barry Smith - Some of the camellias are hanging in there©2020 Barry Smith - Tree […]
Sanding base of a mountain form Barry Smith

Sanding base of a mountain form

Brass leaf blanks for Japanese festival

Brass leaf blanks for Japanese festival

Melting scrap metal Barry Smith

Melting scrap metal

Preparing pieces for Artisan Lamps Barry Smith

Preparing Pieces for Artisan Lamps

Detail of Avian Font

Detail of Avian Font riveted repair

Bone, stone and glass for pendants Barry Smith

Bone, stone and glass for pendants