My blog is where I tend to share more details of my art life and art journey. It is where you can find what I have been working on, including some of the trials, prototypes and processes. It is also where I share my iPhone photographs of nature on our block, of our valley and my morning walks.  Occasionally I also share photos and ramblings of things that inspire me.

  • Finishing pod vessels July 19, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Third pod vessel - 56mm in diameter at the widest point and 48mm in diameter at the topQuite some time ago I started a trio of pod vessels - but many other creative demands sidetracked me. Today a I got a few hours to finish making the third pod; and then […]
  • Who ate the moon and morning light July 17, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Moon eclipse this morningWhen we rose this morning there was a hint of sunshine in the east as you can see from the photos below.©2019 Barry Smith - Hint of sunrise but you can still see stars in the sky©2019 Barry Smith - Looking south over the rim of the water […]
  • Mini peace bowl; or a pendant; or a keyring piece July 14, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith -  Shallow bowl forms on the rust tableI managed to form all the peace pieces into shallow bowls. Then it was over to the grinding-polishing bench to take the rough edges off; and bring out the beauty of the silver-plate by polishing with a fine steel wire wheel.©2019 Barry Smith - Stacks […]
  • Pieces for peace - but first.... July 12, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - A piece for peace stamped and formed into the bowl shape - plus rustI have made a start on the pieces I'm making for giving away to promote International Peace Day on 21 September 2019.But the process was interrupted by a call for small book earring that contain the words peace […]
  • Blossoms on the block July 10, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Unfurling - delicate pink and white camelliaThough we are in the middle of winter there are still some brave plants and bushes that are producing the odd blossom. It makes me smile to discover blossoms that forgot that it is winter and time to hibernate.©2019 Barry Smith - Violet catching the […]
  • Of rust and product July 7, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - The rusting process has begunWe have purchased some strips of Corten steel to create a border around part of the gravel on the new sculpture terraces. This type of steel is meant to rust but not rust away. When it was picked up it was a blue metal colour but after […]
  • Book earrings and peace book pendants July 5, 2019
    2019 Barry Smith - Small (about 1.8cm X 1.2cm) silver-plated book earrings - solid silver hooksDuring the week and today I have grabbed time to make more book earrings for the shop at Compassion Artists' Book Exhibition. A few photos of the work in progress follow.2019 Barry Smith - A vintage bookmaker vice assists in […]
  • Moody morning and other fragments July 3, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Dark but interesting pixelated colours and reflected light off misty cloud layersI was almost going to title this post "Is it ever going to be light again in the morning?" - the early mornings seem so dark at the moment. Whilst we had a blazing sunset yesterday this morning was all […]
  • Books, compassion exhibition and bones June 30, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Seventy small metal book pages - each 1.9cm X 1.2cmFiona and I went to the official opening of the Compassion Artists' Book Exhibition yesterday afternoon - there was a good crowd to honour the work of the 26 artists.  Ken and Ardleigh, in the photo below, had done a massive job […]
  • Checking out Compassion - the artists' book exhibition June 28, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Precious Library of Peace and Light and Love keep each other companyCompassion Artists' Book Exhibition officially opens at 3pm tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 29 June). Fiona and I will be there for the official opening; but because we were down the coast for an appointment we took the opportunity to have a peek […]
Sanding base of a mountain form Barry Smith

Sanding base of a mountain form

Brass leaf blanks for Japanese festival

Brass leaf blanks for Japanese festival

Melting scrap metal Barry Smith

Melting scrap metal

Preparing pieces for Artisan Lamps Barry Smith

Preparing Pieces for Artisan Lamps

Detail of Avian Font

Detail of Avian Font riveted repair

Bone, stone and glass for pendants Barry Smith

Bone, stone and glass for pendants