My blog is where I tend to share more details of my art life and art journey. It is where you can find what I have been working on, including some of the trials, prototypes and processes. It is also where I share my iPhone photographs of nature on our block, of our valley and my morning walks.  Occasionally I also share photos and ramblings of things that inspire me.

  • Post installation and progress on a compassion commission March 24, 2019
    ©2019 Fiona Dempster - Detail of rust added to the weathered post with tank top, rocking chair sculpture and the mountains in the background A significant amount of time over the weekend was spent working on drainage and finishing a set of steps around the concrete water tank.I did manage to work with Fiona on finishing […]
  • Liminal Space the sculpture - finished March 22, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Section of Liminal Space the sculptureI got time to finish the base for Liminal Space the sculpture today; and then assemble the work.©2019 Barry Smith - Glueing on the back base section©2019 Barry Smith - Many clamps to attempt to get good linesIt proved to be quite a difficult piece to […]
  • A walk in soft morning light March 20, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Layers of an unfurling leaf in soft morning lightWe are are heading deeper into autumn - that means the light at about 6am is getting to be softer with pastel shades in it as you can see from the photo below.©2019 Barry Smith - Soft valley lightWalks on such mornings seems […]
  • Something different - still in progress March 17, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Stitching across the space - brass plate and stainless steel wireAfter spending a couple of hours cleaning up my garage-studio this morning I started a new piece that might find its way into an up coming exhibition. The cleaning was necessary as my space was totally covered in fine dust from […]
  • The Unbound Book of Compassion - finished March 15, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Brushed back of one leaf of the unbound book on rusted typewriterIt was a good feeling today to finish The Unbound Book of Compassion for the Compassion: Artists' Book Exhibition. There is a lot happening on our block, and a laundry renovation as well, so lots of distractions and calls on […]
  • A walk on the wild side? March 13, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Tomatoes and bell peppers from the gardenFiona and I did gardening and harvesting in the veggie garden this morning so there was no walk along Treehaven Way. We had to go into town a bit earlyish for a couple of appointments. The sky was very blue and clear and the sunshine […]
  • Words of wisdom March 10, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Four more pages of compassion related quotesVery little time over the weekend to do art work - got a little time to stamp another four quotes relating to compassion. Still one to finish.And then of course there is quite a lot to do by way of: hammering the the back of […]
  • Unbound book March 8, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Two pages of my leaf form artists book - in the roughToday I started another artists book for the Compassion Artists' Book Exhibition. I want to make an unbound book that has loose leaves which are in fact hammered brass leaf shapes. My goal is to have 7 leaves each with […]
  • Fragments for a fragile world March 6, 2019
    The world needs more people like Mo who dreams of love - love for a peace and unity. Fiona and I were so fortunate to be able to travel to the opening of the installation-exhibition - "I dream of a world where love is the answer."So many people from so many worlds contributed their love […]
  • A creative pathway? March 3, 2019
    ©2019 Barry Smith - Spreading 5mm granite gravel into Geohex cellsAs indicated in earlier posts one of the goals for the block this year is to make it more accessible by creating pathways and steps that enable one to wander from one terrace to another etc. We have also decided to create some new art […]
Sanding base of a mountain form Barry Smith

Sanding base of a mountain form

Brass leaf blanks for Japanese festival

Brass leaf blanks for Japanese festival

Melting scrap metal Barry Smith

Melting scrap metal

Preparing pieces for Artisan Lamps Barry Smith

Preparing Pieces for Artisan Lamps

Detail of Avian Font

Detail of Avian Font riveted repair

Bone, stone and glass for pendants Barry Smith

Bone, stone and glass for pendants